School Library

At Gyan Ganga International School library is individually resourced and staffed by a librarian with experienced support staff. The library server is the main starting place for any student and staff at GGIS looking to verify information, as well as searching the library catalogue.

The library at GGIS, one of the top residential school in India is computerized with a web based library system for circulation of books and a modern software that allows for user generated content, purchase suggestions and personal monitoring of checked out books. There are a number of internet connected computers in the library.

GGIS has a commitment to regular review of library materials and annual updates of the collection. Teaching staff, students and librarian are all involved in the selection of library resources along with a purchasing model that allows all subject areas to update their respective collections in the library.

In support of GGIS as the best residential school in Madhya Pradesh with a full residential program, GGIS library and staff provide flexible opening hours to respond to varied student and staff needs. Librarian works closely with the academic staff and house parents to provide optimum student access to the library.

GGIS library is spacious that generously has the students work place, as well as an area so enjoy reading, with significant collections of age appropriate books, reference materials & periodicals.

GGIS has a whole school library policy which aims to :
  • Encourage and develop recreational reading.
  • Ensure that students and staff are effective users of information.
  • Ensure that students are able to conduct research and navigate through the massive flow of information available today and enhance their ability to validate resources and make proper use of them.