House System

Gyan Ganga International School is one of the top boarding schools in Madhya Pradesh ensures the Smooth working of the school by putting emphasis on House Working Systems. The Four houses in GGIS are like the four wheels of a cart which drives the school to the desired destination.

  1. SATYA HOUSE signifies the “Aura of Truth”.
  2. AHINSA HOUSE promotes the “Power of Non-violence”.
  3. SHANTI HOUSE depicts “Peace and Fraternity” and
  4. KARMA HOUSE focus on the “Life’s of Ethical Deeds”.

The Houses are Promoted and monitored by the House Masters and House Captains. To organize the activities in a proficient and effective manner a School Student Council is formed. The motto of formation of the School Student Council is to infuse Leadership Skills within the students which facilitates their abilities to delegate and monitor responsibilities within the council for the achievements of prescribed objectives. The Head Boy and Head Girl along with the council take the responsibility to lead the students in coordination with the office of the Principal.

The House System is further fortified with a Sports Captain who promotes the sports activities in the entire houses and the Cultural Secretary to enrich the cultural activities of the school.