Boarding At GGIS

GGIS is a day boarding cum residential school. As such, GGIS is the best boarding school of Madhya Pradesh offers a residential program built on the presumption that students learn from their whole experience in a community - in the classroom, on the playing fields, during activities and in the dorms out of school hours.

In many ways the boarding is the nerve center of student life. GGIS puts a lot of effort, time and energy trying to make different on-campus houses "a home away from home." GGIS has 3 houses which has 36 dormitories:

  • 11 dorms for senior boys in Shivalik House
  • 5 dorms for girls in Himadari House
  • 18 dorms for middle boys in Kanchanjunga House
  • 2 dorms for junior children in Himadari

All the houses are situated in the main school campus and are fully ventilated. Each dorm in Shivalik and Kanchanjunga houses has occupancy of 7 students in average and about 10 in the Himadari house. An indoor recreational area with facilities like reading materials, assorted games, television & telephone is provided in all the houses. All houses have outside lush green parks as well. Laundry services are provided in each house. GGIS houses are friendly and comfortable, a home away from home. Dedicated house parents reside in an apartment within each house and interact continually with students, providing a caring, listening ear and sound advice, supervising study times and room cleanliness and encouraging individual spiritual development. A common code of lifestyle expectations helps students to develop self-discipline and responsibility. House parents are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their houses.

In addition to the house parents, the counselors are available to students for counseling and pastoral care when needed. As well, all students whether day or boarding, belong to a group led by a staff member who is responsible for the welfare and academic progress. All the houses and house parents are overseen by the Chief Warden who communicates consistently with the students, their parents and house parents.

Students of the best boarding school of India have opportunities to interact with each other in optional activities and during free time over the weekend. A wide range of planned leisure activities are offered out of school hours and include sports, camping, hiking, music, drama and multiple clubs. Relationships made within houses sustain students throughout their time at school and remain strong long after students leave GGIS.

Dining at Annapurna:

Along with pristine clean kitchen, an affable and orderly environment pervades the Dining Hall. Tasty, nutritious and well-balanced food is served with utmost care and supervision. The meals are purely vegetarian and contain adequate quantity of ghee, curd, fruits, salad, and green vegetable. All the residential students are being served morning milk daily. Pure, filtered drinking water is available in all prime locations of the school. There is a gracious and orderly atmosphere pervading the dining hall “Annapurna” as students take their seats before meals, beginning with prayers.

The menu includes a variety of mouth-watering dishes - North Indian, South Indian, continental and Chinese cuisines, chats and pizzas followed by an elaborate spread of deserts.