Art Creativity

Creativity is important to the development of the individual, often unlocking hidden potential. Creative activities develop the aesthetic senses, preparing young people for future life and allowing them to express and release emotion in a secure environment. The Art, Music, Drama and Dance departments each contribute to the individual’s creative development. All offer opportunities for study at GGIS. Their vitality is essential to the quality of life within the school, for the ideas they release, feed into all aspects of our students’ work. The Art Department at the best result School in Madhya Pradesh offers a wide choice of courses, a variety of facilities and the expertise to allow students to specialize.

The work of the Art Department is evident throughout the school. GGIS has developed excellent specialist facilities with dedicated studio for Art & Craft. Creativity does not arrive on demand, so our studio is available out of hours – including weekends – for boarders enabling them to work when they choose. We, the Rank 1 School in Jabalpur mount regular exhibitions both inside and outside the school, so that our students’ work is seen by a very wide public.

We teach a full range of courses as part of the academic curriculum, but students also study art as an activity, with a wide variety of options beyond the academic which are open to all. We never limit the scale of their work and over the years our students have been recognized for their highly individual style and exceptionally high levels of attainment.